What I Teach

Teaching  Style

Teaching allows me to see artistic and technical issues with fresh eyes. So I am always learning as well. It is a synergistic loop in which everyone grows.
My teaching style is based on my observations of my students. I do not adhere to a set routine for everyone. I listen, I watch, I think how can I say this so they will hear it , so there will feel an ah ha. . I teach them to notice what they already do and how they can make small moves to build on it. It is an ever changing improvisation between student and teacher.

Why I teach

I simply love to teach. It is something I have always done. Even as a young student while studying acting at The Yale Drama School, I taught dance to my classmates.It is who I am. It is my honor to engage with people of all levels of experience in the process of developing skills, honing them, and growing as a performer. I have been fortunate to have taught many actors and singers whom I admire including my most brilliant students at the Boston Conservatory who have gone on to successful musical theater careers.

Teaching the Teacher

About ten years ago while teaching Acting at the Boston Conservatory, I began wishing I was one of my own students. I felt I had not experienced the perils, terrors and ecstasy of singing /performing for quite a while and that perhaps I needed a refresher to bring me back into the trenches so that I could relate more immediately to my students experiences. Also to feel the creative intensity of being in the moment on a stage. Thus, I reinvented myself as a cabaret singer performing my own cabaret pieces in libraries, local venues and assisted living facilities.You can occasionally find me at an open mike where I am busy learning my own lessons.


  • Vocal Techniques for Singers
  • Coaching for Auditions
  • Acting for Singers
  • Workshops
  • Acting the Song
  • The Singer’s Rehearsal circle
  • Fearless Performance

Vocal Techniques

My technique is based on years of study with excellent teachers of varied methodologies.While I am not licensed to teach a particular technique, my study with these teachers has had a strong bearing on my knowledge and proactive regarding vocal issues and vocal development. My teaching is a distillation of what works.

Mary Klimek, Estil Voice International
Jeannie Deva, Jennifer Truesdale – Jeannie Deva Technique
Jeanette LoVetri – Somatic Voice, The LoVetri Method
Patrick DeGennaro – NYC
Celia Miller – Speech Level Singing
Mark Baxter – Rock Coach
Marilyn ? , Bel Canto
Dominique Eade – Jazz Singer
Conrad Osborn, – Opera Critic and Teacher

Coaching Auditions

I currently coach students privately through the audition application process for college theater and musical theater programs. My students have been accepted at NYUTISH, and Yale School of Drama, Boston Conservatory, and MMMMMMM

The Singers Rehearsal Circles

The Rehearsal circle offers a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in which singers can focus and hone their craft. The circle will meet over the course of several months giving the participants time to develop trust within the group, allowing them to develop more deeply into material while still in a performance.They can develop shows, and/or work through songs by experimenting with varied back stories and points of view on the material, both emotionally, stylistically and technically.

Exercises will be offered at each session to encourage relaxation, confidence, and enhance the singers’ relationship with the with the audience. Collaborative feedback will be offered and I act as coach and facilitator.

A professional accompanist will play at each session, answer questions and offer their musical expertise to participants.

Acting The Song

This workshop will emphasize the process involved in acting a song, i.e. learning to take the time to enter the world of the lyrics so that they ring true. The long range goal will be to: Move our performances from “entertaining” to “meaningful and uplifting”.

  • Dig inside the lyric of a song as if it were a script we’re mining for the precious details that will make it, unique and alive.
  • Relax and inhabit the lyric emotionally.
  • Share what is meaningful to you and true for you through your song.
  • Make an immediate and direct connection with your audience.

Fearless Performance