Commercial Demo

Industrial Demo

As an actress I have the skills to make the voice-over copy  JUMP OFF THE PAGE and come alive. I can soothe with compassion, inspire to action, excite a buyer, guilt trip a parent, or be genuinely helpful and informative to the listener.

I have 15 years experience recording voice-overs in the following areas.

  • Commercial Spots
  • Radio/ TV
  • Corporate Narration
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Educational narration
  • Animated film
  • Message-On-Hold
  • Audio Book,
  • Web site voice imaging
  • Voice Mail
  • In-store announcements
  • Video games
  • Political
  • Public Service Announcement

As you hear on my demo, I do a wide range of vocal types and ages. I can be warm, engaging, authoritative, sophisticated, quirky or comical. I can speak “real people” with a soft sell, but I am also a seasoned spokeswoman, and I can be persuasive and dig in for the kill on a hard sell, all in the good fun of advertising.I take direction easily, but also can also demonstrate varied reads, if needed. My voice textures can be breathy, gritty, melodic, deep, light, clean, dark, wholesome, or provocative. Whatever your needs, I pride myself on delivering the voice of your choice.

I’d be happy to discuss your project. Reasonable Rates. Non-Union